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Just be Ego?

Is the statement "Just Be" an admission that you should just do as you will, no matter what? I can see that it could be. If someone with no real inner work was told to "just be" then they would undoubtedly carry on as they were and feel justified in any action.

To tear the film apart here and separate these two notions it is necessary to ask who is being and for what? If ego is being for benefit of ego and taking its justification from the statement "just be" then it is still dual. It is acting as if it were able to be and truly just accepting the illusion. It will suffer very soon.

The only one who can "just be" is the only one there is, "The One". You may say that the one is acting as ego and in doing so ego is right, this is not true. You can live like this but you will suffer it too. The one you are to be is the non-dual one with no other. Be. Be by not being a doer, not an actor, not an I-as-separate. You have to be with awareness of the whole.

You can not achieve this. You have to first do all the inner work, grasp the truth that there is no doer who can possibly be. Then and only then is the statement "Just Be" useful.

Only when ego is recognised as play actor can the self act without acting a fake.

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