For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.


There is no you, no I, only the one with no two, the infinity, the EveryNothing of which you are. It is this whole that reincarnates with every new moment, each new moment is creation and each new moment is the rebirth of the previous moment. All is change, that is all.

In the masterpiece "Transmission of the Light", when Kumarata attained enlightenment, it was said that "his knowledge of former lives was awakened". Very importantly, he saw all as himself, not that he had been a fisherman by a lake or a king on a thrown, he realized the truth that he was all things, he was the liver of all lives.

There is no separation of selves on the plane of truth, only in the holographic, hallucination of 5 senses. In truth we are living all lives simultaneously, but feeling only separated atom selves. We are all the fish in the sea, birds in the sky, we are each other, we are the sea and air, we are the people arguing and the people loving, the man punching the other, the man with a broken nose, the nurse helping the wounded. We are every role, we are that.

Error seen in another is them reflecting part of you back at you for you to learn from. Good seen in another is recognition of good in you and recognition of how you should be. The bad man is the good man's teacher just as the good man is to the bad.

It is the whole evolving, this is the process of infinite conciousness learning how to best use its potential. All is conciousness and all bad is a disease in conciousness, bad seeing is a bad mind is an incomplete person. Infinite conciousness does not know how to best be a human without being a human, so it learns from us as us. See bad in others as that is what needs correcting in you, when your outlook is correct so are you. You feedback to the whole and you feel perfection flowing back to you.

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Tao said...

When someone says "if I were you" they mean "if i were in your situation" as If they were you, they'd be you.

Everyone is identical except for their circumstances. The core, the kernel to each person, is precisely the same in every case.