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At death

The you that fears death, that thinks it will be reborn or go to heaven, is not even real. Only the ego can fear its end and believe it should go on to a new life or heaven as it fears what it knows, it came and so shall go. Only an ego is imperfect enough to believe it would get another chance to prove itself. The bit of you that is eternal can not die and was never born, the timeless, spaceless, non-thing you will go on, not the ego.

At death the ego thinks it will watch in horror as the body gives up and the ego is left with no place to go, on watching its host die it hopes it will have an after life. In death however, the ego is first to go, it leaves the still concious body and just stops being. Illusion over. The concious body then is free and can die in peace. The concious body can have its death experience free from ego, all will become completely correct, nothing left unanswered.

That same state, that your ego fears, which is pure bliss, can also be reached in life. You can let the ego die, it is sure to return as illusions do, but killing it for a short amount of time gives the same bliss of true self that is met in death. The ego will do all it can though to prevent you letting it go even for a short time, it will hide, manipulate, pretend to be you, and more. I have had something I don't feel fully confident in calling an NDE but close enough to give unshakeable validity to these statements. I have also found in meditation since then that it can occur in that state too.

It was one such brief glimpse that made me stand up from my mediation and write this.

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