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Embracing Death

Many would hate to die, but do not fully enjoy life. I love life and could could die at any time.

Not that I would take my life or encourage it to end, but I see the difference is important. Those who fear death and do not enjoy life are of the opinion that they have not done all they want to do, are not living each day fully, have friends and relatives who they would need to say things to. The key being they are not so in love with life that they could let it go.

The Taoist saying that; "A person should welcome death as a person after a hard day at work welcomes sleep" means the same thing.

Many Yogis train themselves for death, the Tibetans train themselves for the entire death and after life process of choosing a new rebirth body, I just think you can get so in touch with life that you can not see death as bad, it is as much a part of the process of life (of the whole) for our bodies to come and go. For sure we would not wish for death, encourage it or say life is invaluable, I can see that someone unused to the concept may draw those conclusions and they are not what I am saying.

Never living for the past and future, with life happening right now, then death is not in the picture and if it came then you would take it correctly. Living too much in the past and future then death could catch you unaware with lots of thoughts you had not cleared up.

Love life, die to the moment.

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Carina said...

Nice post! Did you ever hear of the tibetan book of the death? As far as I understood is the fear of death a fear of ego-loss... and of course of unfulfilled wishes.

Tao said...

I read that book and found it had lots of interesting things in it. It also has lots of layers of complexity that are a bit lost on us non-tiebetens.

The have good buddhas, protective buddhas and more and more. This to us is a confusing fragmentation where to them it is pointers that all reduce to one.

I find any ideas that show non-unity, ideas of this and that, just confuse our goal of seeing all as one.

It is though, a difficult but very good book to read at some time if you can.