For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.


Loads of good stuff here and I do see this as a good movie from the stance that it requires you to have already been out there looking and learning to get the full benefit from the film. This is not a video for all where you get a kindergarten level introduction to one tiny concept (e.g. The Secret), this is instead a movie talking to the seeker about concepts they will have encountered and helping to form a more unified perspective, one that will, when fully realized, fix the self and thereby the whole.

Kymatica means that pertaining to waves, in this case waves of energy that form life as we see it and often, much deeper, as we don't. I feel this a very good modern anthology of fine thought, not claiming to be an answer but a tug on the ropes; "hey, this way, and while you are waking up to possibility and realization, can you please take responsibility for yourself?".

The world is waking up to the fact that for 1000's of years we have been duped by our own ego, manipulated by groups who saw to expand the position of ego, had the ego massaged so it felt it could "get there" and now, with great apparence, the great fake illusion is falling apart.

The ego is a fake, you will never make it happy, society is ego based so it will never come to anything. The illusion is perpetuated by those who understand it, whipping the horse so it keeps driving the machine. You are acting the donkey here, it is time to wake up and re-connect to the source.

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Carina said...

great post :) I think we think a bit in the same direction... I've got a question, maybe you can answer it as you are much more in tune with taoism than I am ;)I didn't really have time yet to dive into it. But when I philosophized a bit about the symbolism of the wave and the Yin and Yang symbol, I realized that it shows a sinus wave in the middle. The wave function expresses the search for balance, as well as the Yin and Yang symbolizes the 2 extremes and their search for balance - but I think there must be more - do you know more about this? Thx, Carina

Tao said...

Yin Yang is in balance and it also shows states of imbalance and extreme.

Where yang is at its peak, yin is shown as a seed inside yang. This is that even when something is at an extreme the seed of it's opposite is ready to be born to take back balance.

At any point the yin yang always equates to the complete tai chi, the full symbol and this to a complete empty circle, the Tao.

For sure life can be seen as a wave for this very reason and why harmony is the goal and objective. I have an article on this called 'Tao chain of command' or something like that.

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