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Wise Words - Wei Wu Wei

"There is no mystery whatever - only inability to perceive the obvious."

Wei Wu Wei an Irish(?) man writing some time ago after and during his path to awakening. He studied Tao and Zen along with various philosophies spiritual and not and left behind a number of books. Occasionally he gets lost in the very language and set of ideas he is working with but more than occasionally he gives single lines and simple passages that open the mind to truth.

On the whole, I love his work and find it opens doors. you can find it here. It is probably not for someone early on the path of seeking truth as some concepts he refers to as fact may be too early and so confusing to some. For those close to awakening, those who experience Satori but fall back down again and need a lift up, and those who are awake and aiming to maintain the state (yes awake requires work to keep as well as to get in the first place) I can not recommend this enough.

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