For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.


I was Considering the book version of my writings today and this is how it will go;

Page 1)
The next page of the book will be the most important and true page you will see.

Page 2)

Page 3)
The previous page was intentionally left blank to portray the most pure truth. When you have read and re-read the book over time you will only have to flick to page 2 to have it all. Then you will put the book away altogether and start living the truth and not trying to get it in words.

humans are always thinking something else, thinking they should be somewhere else and trying to come up with a philosophy that justifies them. Reading spiritual books, skipping the bits they don't get and nodding at the bits that justify their own ways. Deciding that if they read enough then eventually they will read enough lines they agree with and not have to do any work at all - instead be justified exactly the way they are.

Lazy? Normal and correct! That is what you do need to do, be you and leave yourself alone to be you. Stop the chatter, the internal monologue and just be. - You can't though can you? and that is why you are here reading.

The book will from here on in give you pointers on how you accept you, make yourself easier to be around and give you solid reasoning and answers to life's biggest questions. Then, when they pop up, you can pop them.

You are the key to a happy life. You don't fix the world to fix your view of it. You fix your view and the world comes right.

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Eric Dubay said...

Awesome. I can't wait to read this book. Give me something to read that tells me to stop reading. Give me some fingers pointing to the moon. I promise I won't concentrate on the finger and miss all that heavenly glory.


Tao said...

Page 2 is also available as an audio book.

Eric said...


also available in smooth Braille format


tao said...

You have inspired this:

Tao said...

Another going by the name of tao. Sorry Mr tao but I see your post as irrelevant to mine and in no way a bold enough statement.

tao (small t) linked me to an article of his saying how people should feel free to choose any religion, kindly restating a basic human right for us.

I go much further in saying that religion must be dropped all together and that any religion is a crutch and a lazy way to answer our most important spiritual quest.

No religion gives truth only the promise of it.

Truth is right here and can't be put into a rigid belief system.

Like putting a stream in a bucket or the wind in a bag as Allan Watts so sweetly said it.

tao said...

To hear his tune the mind must be void. One must renounce the world and all that it contains. However, true renunciation, chastity or abstinence, is not attained by running away from which was desired but is, rather, the condition of no longer running towards it!

Tao said...

..Which comes closer to a point of agreement... The world and all that is in it IS the void but the ideas of man are that which should be dropped. It is the fixed notions of this or that contained in religion that cloud the view of what is real.

tao said...

You actually seem to be saying that they see what they wish to believe, but also: that it is really there.

Tao said...

You seem confused?

tao said...

I am not confused by contradictions.

Tao said...

Good, now enjoy yourself.