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There is an infinity, an undivided One. All dualisms must eventually resolve to that from which they were born and that is the unnameable Infinite One. Naming it causes dualism and is thereby pointless. Reason as much as you need to to agree with that, but I know for certain it can be no other way.

As there is something that is infinite, it means that everything is that infinity. There is no room for infinity +1 so You are infinity. You are Infinite Oneness but - - - you're not are you?

The Mask

You observe and something is observed. You by nature, not fault, rip the one into the many. The Infinite One is mother of the 10,000 things as they say.

So how is it that you get so tied up with the imaginary role you are acting out and not in fascination of the infinite one of which you are? You are deliberately seeing others as the mask they wear and you are identifying with your mask too. This is the fun of life. It must be for fun as you do not conjure up such an idea from infinity to deliberately bring about your suffering. Being a human in a mask and doing all the nice things humans can do seems to be a choice infinity makes even with the risk of seriousness as a side effect. Looking at animals and children shows how great it is when the mask is not taken seriously.

The masks make for very convincing disguises, we can't play this game without a very good act. We can come to realize by logic that we are all infinite oneness wearing masks and playing a game, but knowing that by reason is still not enough to explain the game.

Seeing Mask A destroy the nation of Mask B because of a difference in opinion is awful if you are Mask C observing. Even if you know it's masks by reason it's still horrible to observe. So we have to get beyond reason.

Yes on the human level, here with compassion as our highest attribute, the suffering of other humans and all life is heart wrenching. We would like to say "Look here infinity, lift your mask. See? it is you under there getting all serious. And it's you under the other mask too!" - but what can this achieve?

There is a danger that this view in the wrong hands or in the mind of an underdeveloped human (one convinced by the mask) that they can treat life as dirt.
This however is not the level of awareness we need to be approaching this from. Approached from the correct level of awareness we result in extending compassion even further than that achievable on the human (mask) plane. Compassion goes from the high attribute and gift on the human plane to infinite compassion. Compassion with infinity for playing the game. Compassion for people who take the mask seriously, compassion for the ones who suffer due to another oppressing them. Compassion for the ones who never realise and die as the mask not as realised, awakened, infinity. Compassion for those who try to shape the world and destroy others.

Those who see the world as something that can improved upon, that can be shaped to benefit them, are missing the spiritual nature of the Earth and themselves. - If they realised this then they would not be attempting to extend life, gain wealth and power and so on as they would have all they need in one breath.

Ultimate compassion goes out to those who are so lost in the game that they conspire to fix the rules and by nature of their perspective ruin it for the many. When they become truly enlightened then the world will rest. Hiding behind secrecy, conspiracy, fallacy, is fooling them more than anyone else and that, in the end, is funny. The so called Elites are truly the most imprisoned. They have missed the true wisdom and in seeking to fix the human game are running to catch their shadow.

Sit in the shade, take off your mask, there is nothing here but infinite bliss.

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Psiplex said...

Your article is beautiful Tao Wow. The more days pass, the more this is dear and true. It's just remembering our infinite and forgetting this dream.

Big Respect!
One Love

Tao said...

by some strange synchronicity I was busy commenting on your blog as you were on mine.

Welcome and thanks :)

Mama Zen said...

Wow! You've definitely given me a lot to think about!