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I will mention this in many posts but to make the information more available to the passing surfer here is it.

You can not be enlightened. When you are one, then by definition,there can be no other, especially no you. So enlightenment is a very special state that has no doer.

So in proper meditation, you can not "do it" you can not do it to get to somewhere. Meditating the mind on something is duality, meditating by some method is dual if you use the mind, eyes, any such system.

So - Find the place between the solar plexus and heart, about the base of the ribs. Don't meditate on it or dwell on it as that is dual, just locate it, know where it is - It has a strong being so is easy to locate.

Now look out from there.

Look from that space. Using this space as your centre, as your root, is beneficial as it has no sense of time and thinks no thoughts. It links to a being that is undivided by sense or mind.

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Look out from there and you will notice the rest falls into place. The breath falls into place, gets deeper and becomes unnoticed; you find a way for your body to rest, (obviously different if you are on a bus, by a lake, walking, cooking, or on your bed), and the non-dual meditation takes place of itself.

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