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Eric Rants on The Great Mind

listen here This link will download the show to your computer so you can listen to Eric from Erics Esoterics and The Atlantean Conspiracy.

The show begins with a very good summary of how consciousness is primary and the convergence of new science and ancient wisdom. (As covered in great detail in The Tao of Physics by Fritjof Capra in 1975). The view is becoming more popular and now we have people like Eric and later we hear his parents feeling this truth and living by it too.

I would like to know if the knowledge is spreading or if I am naturally coming to meet more people with it.

Eric continues into the world of the unknown such as a meditation session that shut off the lights in his room, also touching on near death experiences (NDE's). NDE is an area of interest for me as I had one 3 years ago at age 30 and it crystallised the truth for me in a way far beyond words . I will leave it to you to listen to Eric's show and check out his blogs and I will see if I can put my NDE into some kind of readable format.

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