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Ultimate Truth

I would like to post on the ultimate truth but can not. All writings on it are just dirt, shit, bile, garbage. No spiritual work exists, every word written or spoken on truth is like crap on silk.

The ultimate truth can not be known or said in such a sense as for language to hold it.
When it is truly known there is no knowledge of it.

This is a pity as now as I write as me to you I wish I could pass it on. I wish I could read it back and have it here, but no. The only way to get there again is stop the talk and just experience!

You are enlightened until you think about it or try to communicate it as then you are little I again and you just look silly. "He who speaks does not know, who knows does not speak."

The ultimate truth therefore can not be summed up in a book, a paragraph, a line, a word - but to sum up the ultimate truth it takes no words at all.

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