For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.

Elite manipulation of consciousness - Solidity is the great minds memory

Open your mind. Empty it. Now if something flicked in front of your eyes, you may not say it is real. If it flicked into view and stayed, you were able to approach it, touch it, you may start to consider it as real.

As a tree grows it places something very soft outwards to the world, with time it goes over and over that new growth until in years to come there is a solid branch. So where there was nothing in mind (considering the whole universe and more as the one mind) there is now what I call a memory of a tree in the mind.

Soil and dirt which can be blown by wind, moved by rain or foot, if it stays long enough in one place can become a certain kind of rock. A very solid memory in mind. One that will last and can even be taken, built upon.

Zen is the rock in humans minds that led to the base for such giants as the martial arts and medicines. Tao is the rock on which Zen stands.

But where is the difference between rock and Zen? Zen is only alive in the mind and not solid and graspable, so here we can see how if you want to make something exist in mind you have two paths. (People interested in conspiracy, political manipulation of power, sorcery can find great interest here.) To make something exist in the great mind, you repeat and repeat, feed it to the youth and they grow it and solidify it. This is how we can store something in your little minds, so why not the big mind? It is the same.

Elite Manipulation

The Tao Te Ching can be used for bad. You can take any passage, flip it, and rather than "to have the people at peace" you have "to have the people divided under your control". The so called elite will do this.

"Rid of formalized wisdom and learning
People would be a hundredfold happier,
- So formalize dumb learning to sadden peoples hearts

Rid of conventionalized duty and honour
People would find their families dear,
- place false levels of control in peoples lives, weaken the family

Rid of legalized profiteering
People would have no thieves to fear.
- build the world on profit and love of money

These methods of life have failed, all three,
Here is the way, it seems to me:
Set people free,
As deep in their hearts they would like to be,
- remove freedoms one by one, never stop

From private greeds
And wanton needs."
- promote a market of low chakra stimulating entertainment and make it doubly desirable and doubly profitable by making it illegal.

Easily in the wrong hands such wisdom can be twisted to do precisely what the wise man was warning bad leaders against.

So to be a bad leader and have the world as your own you make memories in the great mind. Deeply entrenched memories: huge solid buildings, palaces, parliaments, statues; so called cultural significance, love of institutions, pride, citizenship, love of learning and high art, the church with so many buildings. Instil ideas in the youth that will take aeons to undo. Would you be able to knock down a statue of the Queen or rip apart parliament? Say the world was flat? No. So these form grand memoires in the great mind that are hard to budge. Even if we destroyed royalty someone would be sure to want to maintain the buildings and a hundred future generations will hold the memory in mind.

This is how the mind has been manipulated, so do we make it better by fighting the institutions and buildings? No. When the mind is manipulated with such a science as this then they accounted for people who would naturally rebel, intellectuals and so on are provided side shows of conspiritaninment and smokescreening to test their wit against. The conspiracy exists but the level it is built to accounts for inquiry. The way is to form new memories in mind to take the mind back, it is vast, much vaster than the part that has been contaminated, we correct ourselves and with one more of us each day we take the mind back.

Build love, the thing that makes this easy is that the driving force of the universe is love. These "solid" institutions are transient The great universe is deathless, so this will be won, it is already won on the grand scale. Don't strengthen the synapses by going over the bad memories, move on. take back your own mind.

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