For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.

An Unreasonable solution

Where do you get by reasoning Up and Down, Right or Wrong? only to another place based entirely on them! Rather than reason the false notions away you look out of the window fooling yourself of a unique view whist using them as a prop or stool to get that very window view. How silly it is to reason away false notions of language by using the very same.

There is no path as paths lead away. No method as a method requires I to do it.

So how then do you act if you can not be involved, are you just a passive onlooker? No, you can't be as that is I fooling itself that it is just looking on and not acting when I is still looking on, present and hoping no one spots him! We have to beat the ego away, but how if it not there? Only by reason, unfortunately, we must do what we know can not be reasonably done, use a notion to prove the notion is false. How ridiculous, and this is it. Reason and reason until you see that it is hopeless to do so. Then the ego can disappear in a puff of its own logic.

Look out from the heart, the breathing naturally alters (correct breathing is a consequence, not a means), the body looks for a place to sit (meditation is a consequence not a means), the mind is wide open, so open as to leave nothing out, has all the wisdom and compassion available to it (these are consequences not means) and the universe sits in perfection.

(And then you think about it, and spoil it all. The Buddha saying "I am awake" was not. For that moment he stepped to the un-awakened level to communicate the message, as masters do and have to do. This communication, one to another is not awake, Awake can not be communicated in words so all words are traps. This is why they say that "anyone calling themselves awake is surly mad" as no "I" can be awake. To talk from the non-I you don't make much sense.)

SO-- all these ideas of using compassion and meditation to achieve Oneness are self defeating and only a monk of many years can spot this. That is what the masters do is set tasks with the intention that the student can realize for themselves. As the truth can not be told in words this is perfect for a monk but has lead to a million false teachers passing on the lesson and not the solution! As they have never found it they convince themselves and their unwitting student that the lesson is the goal, reinforcing the very I they seek to to lose and blinding themselves to from obvious.


We can only know the flow by having known the still. Only know being by our knowing non-being. Don't reason this as you trap yourself, just know it without reason. It is the ego that is reborn over and over into this trap. With practice (of non-practice by no-one) you can spread out the ego rebirths. Stop coming back so often to Samsara (I looking forward and back) and stay with Nirvana (no I bliss). There is no I only a continuum of consciousness. Unlearn the tendency to return by the fact that this can not be denied. But never never affirm it or deny it, as to do so is to maintain the idea as something reasonable, and this will have the ego convinced that I can be awake and you have to read it all again.
So next time, do as you are told and Stop!

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