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Thought provoking

It must happen, but the worse thing someone can say of a spiritual work is "Thought provoking". Complete understanding has no thoughts. Thoughts arise from an incomplete understanding and once caught can grow and grow. So when trying to pacify the mind, provoking thought is not good.

There is the Koan of course. "Where will the next raindrop fall?" designed to have no answer and stun the mind to silence so provoking no thought and is a genius of Zen.

We should be able to accept that "I (when I was the universe including the human under a tree when he became the Buddha) have experienced complete and full enlightenment. Therefore I as me now this idiot with a cup of tea and a bad hair cut am, without any thought, too able. All the thought and reason required for complete enlightenment has been done and my going over it again with my foolish mind will not help only hinder." This is where I laugh at Zen students following strict regimes and not one of them achieving enlightenment due to the very strictness. The Buddha never read a book on Buddhism!

But that is not to promote blind faith and that stupid misinterpretation of the New Age "I am enlightened". This is a misinterpretation of a tool used in the distant past. A student who had done the full work to become awake had one step left and the master would hit them with "you are awake" and the student would awaken. This however requires a knowledgeable master and not an ego saying "I am awake", what a joke that is.

So blind faith is a no and thinking to attain is a no.

Think and reason until you see there is no use in it, then whenever thought occurs decide if it is useful, it is very rare it is, so open the space (mentioned in the How to meditate" post and accept; "I am dumb to think my mini mind can do this, all the thought has been done and the proof is there" Boom.

"Fear is in your Head
Only in your Head
So Forget your Head
And you'll be free
The writing's on the wall
Free-yeah, And you can know it all
If you choose. Just remember
Lovers never lose
'Cause they are free of thoughts"

David Bowie

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