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The secret future

(I posted this as a comment elsewhere but have decided to add it here as a post too)

It does seem more and more likely that we have little say in our life at all and connecting with the false I on this ride is absolutely guaranteed to bring ups and downs.

4 people are driving up a road expecting to turn left. The fist turns left and feels nothing. The 2nd turns left and is convinced he can see the future. The 3rd meets a diversion 'turn right' and feels anger. 1 lucky, 2 deluded, 3 dumb. Only the 4th person who drove to the junction with an intention to turn left but acceptance of change could take left or right, even a flat tyre with a smile.

The only thing a sorcerer needs to do in opening a door using his mind is not sit for years to train the mind to do the act but sit for hours and train the mind to believe he did it when it eventually comes about by itself.

I am currently amused by those who say they can shape the future. Instead I feel that by perfecting how we see "now" then there is no future to need to or wish to alter. It is so egotistical to say that (the false local) I knows better than the true I, that which is the universe experiencing in a trillion forums, infinitely creative. The best events are not only unplanned, but beyond the (little) I to ever make happen.

There is a natural act which can be unlearned but in our society is trained harder into us to feel I exist and have a role in choosing my path.

The only path to serenity is to find fascination in the whole, then it is all a beautiful adventure.

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