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Meat and spirituality 3

Excluding the animals and nature, what are the benefits to the self of being vegetarian?

Imagine how the steak stays in the body so long and some fruit such a sort time. Different foods have differing demands on the body and deliver varying amounts of energy - they then go on to affect mood and more.

Anyone who has come across the Bhagavad Gita will know the Hindus and Yogis split food into 3 categories. For those of us who have not read the work then the categorizing is simple enough; Food that gives you fighting power, food that causes you to be lazy and the category that contains all the better more balanced foods.

Should you have an imbalanced diet then you could be aggressive or tired due to diet and then trying to combat that with other foods or medicines. Coffee is a good drink when needed but habitually consumed causes problems and may be a mask to a bad diet. Coffee can make you moody and the energy hit is not smooth. It may be just what you need occasionally in the morning but fruit is a better replacement. Fruit gives a longer smother energy burst that dissipates over a longer time avoiding the crave for another hit that coffee causes.

Green tea is a purifier and has many benefits to the body as does water. You should try to avoid (though not religiously to make it an inconvenience) mass produced drinks such as canned and packaged juices. All of the additives are giving the body odd unnatural hits and may just as likely be masking ill effects under their sugar hit. Drink is to hydrate and to nourish, not to pick you up or give "hits of vitamins" when a good diet contains natural and plentiful nutrients. Better pick ups than caffeinated drinks are good breathing and a good mind, craving drinks that provide vitamins and other things is evidence that your diet is not good. Meat eaters drinking vitamin drinks are common and fueling their own fire.

A vegetarian understands their body better. The food is used quicker, more efficiently and passed out of the body quicker. A vegetarian can tell the affect of food not long after eating it, knows what their body needs and what it doesn't. A steak eater may not know what is making them ill at anyone time as the amount of foods all being slowly digested at high expense to the bodies energy reserves is a mix of days, weeks and months of consuming.

Vegetarians, feel lighter, more healthy, positive and get ill less.

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Krzysztof said...

Thanks. It's a great article about vegetarianism. I haven't met many Taoists who are vegetarians, so it's nice to find this article here.

By the way, you mentioned that green tea is a great purifier. I have a website about green tea if you want to read more about its benefits go to: Green Tea

Tao said...

I'm not a Taoist as the Buddha was not a Buddhist, but thanks :-)

Taoist, Buddhist is on the path. I know there is no such thing ;)

mmmm Tea, got any free?

Kris said...

Well you aren't Taoist or Buddhist, or I guess you don't want to use any such designations, but as a conditioned soul I use some designations because without them it would be difficult to communicate with other people.

You wrote about vegetarianism. Are you a vegetarian or there's no such thing either?

Buddha wasn't a Buddhist but people who claim to follow his teachings are called Buddhists.

Tea? Yes when you are in Bangkok I'll have a cup of green tea for you:-)

Tao said...

Great! we will be in BKK in April/May and back to live there for good in '10.