For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.

Cycles & Circuits - An interconnected world

Watch someone playing a hand held game and you can see the circuit in place. The screen gives a display which is carried invisibly to the eyes, processed in the brain, signals sent down the arms, the fingers hit a button, the electronics process and on the screen either Mario lived or died, the signal is carried invisibly to the eyes a response is produced in the brain, signal down arms, etc etc..

Look at a tree. As you breathe the tree does too. What you pull in, it expelled. The bronchi in lungs resemble an inside-out tree. The process of breathing is not yours, you are in cycle with the lung of earth. I like to think the universe is 'a breathing'.

Chuang Tzu was challenged many times on the uselessness of his teaching and many times told stories of how uselessness is a great virtue. The huge gnarled tree that outlives the others was not fit for any purpose and so lived a grand long life. Chuang asked one of his opponents to tell him "of all the land, that beneath your feet or the rest of the earth, what is most useful?" The reply was "that beneath my feet" and Chuang said "if i remove all the rest of the land, leaving you on two foot shaped pillars and a gaping chasm around you, it won't be long until you understand the usefulness of the useless".

This debate is fun but my point is that there is no uselessness, Chuang too was saying that in saying useless is in fact useful. We have to see that all is interconnected, all exists because of the rest and so we find the unity in all things. We appreciate oneness.

By appreciating how you are not "that body" but the environment that you are in and your reaction to it - it will encourage people to make a better environment. Man's attempt to tame and control nature is completely over. Many still carry on in vain as they won't admit it or don't know how else to think but it can't last.

When we appreciate the circuits, the cycles, the interconnectedness and further when we see that this complete process is me! ..then we see that a chemical to make an apple grow bigger will affect the whole "I" and not just the apple.

We are, individually, each a very sensitive feeling element of the whole, something to stay mindful of in life is how you are constantly sensing; fluctuations in air flow, light, sound, a tiny waft of a smell can alter your complete train of thought, we are that, we are that special sense of the universe. We are inseparable, we are it, and our position is sense and feeling.

Most people seem void of both!

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