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Time Bubble

1) This can be seen in a pictorial poetic way as the life of a bubble.
The air is infinite consciousness. The bubble contains a little air and considers itself conscious and unique. When the bubble pops its consciousness is released back into the sea of infinity of which it previously felt like a separate, unique part.

2) This can also be told in a much more involved way
The universe is infinite, not is terms of being huge beyond measure, but infinite as in immeasurable. It is precisely 1, indivisible. That 1 has no units.

For the universe to begin, something previously ended. Take note here though that a start coming from an end, is not a start at all but a cyclic motion.

Given the cycles in life, nature and the heavens then there is no actual time. It is only ongoing cycles that intermingle into infinity. The time we think of is linear and is a useful tool to us, but truly it is unreal, and only a creation of the human mind.

The tree, plant, vegetable, animal or human is an ongoing organism intermingling with all others. Take the tree. Its roots intermingle with the other trees so that under the earth you could not tell one tree from the next. The earth is an essential part of the tree and so with the intermingling roots, the shared earth, the air and so on the tree is not as separate as we may have imagined. Before the tree dies it is surrounded by its offshoots that appear like new younger trees but what we are seeing is the same tree with its new ongoing form. The tree has been alive forever it just changes form. Appearing to us like an old tree dying and young ones taking its place it is quite different, actually a cyclic ongoing form. One tree, not many.

Humanity is doing this too yet we feel more unique in our selves. We may not see ourselves as a continuation of our mothers but we are. Our mum at some point cloned and split into two beings, she nursed the new version of herself and then released it to the world. She continued to live and more often than not mum will expire before her offshoots do. You are your mum. If you are a lady then you are the true ongoing human form, you are where a branch continues into a longer one. If you are a man then you are the end of a branch carrying seed.

This ongoing human form and all of the other ongoing cyclic forms do not exist in linear time. Linear time comes about from our mind as a tool and that is all it is, not real. The linear time started at your birth and ends at your death. In terms of the universe that linear time does not have any meaning. The universe is infinite in time, not in vast duration, but infinite in terms of being immeasurable. You exist for the entire age of the universe. or rather it exists for as long as you create it so.

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