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Meat and spirituality

I can not tell you not to eat meat. It may be perfectly right for you to eat it.

If it is dead, and you are hungry then great. Go eat.

Yet. If you are not needy for food supplies, you have to breed the animal as food, kill it prematurely just for food, it's birth was only brought about so it could be food, and the result is you are bigger in body than health and nature would intend, then maybe think about it.

Not eating meat does not lead to spiritual insight. I can not say "do not eat meat for 3 days and you will receive insight" so that is all false.

Yet.. One developing yourself, you will one day receive insight and that will tell you not to eat meat. Until that day, do as you will, but I know that on development of the self it will occur.

So not eating meat is not a tool for the spiritual path, it is a result of the spiritual path. Like many suggested means, they are in fact ends.

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Moses said...

I think people would want to stop eating meat if they saw this video:

Tao said...

Thanks Moses :-)

Auricfield said...

Meat helps to ground you. To grow spiritually you need to be grounded - so... eat meat!!!

Tao said...

Is that a serious response Auricfield? Maybe you can explain how it grounds you.