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This is a Tow Wow Important post

We are never not Here Now. We are absolutely always from birth, through every action, to death, Here Now.

We are never in the past or the future, they are unreal, just ideas, but our minds insist in wandering off into the unreal.

We choose to avoid reality, this here now and go off to a side step, a distraction, thinking a thought that takes a past or future idea, plays with it; a false thought based on a false notion - and choose to deliberately avoid the very thing we seek.

And the seeking itself is like stepping forward to achieve standing still, an impossible method.

Crazy as it seems we are the barrier to finding ourself. There is no one who can be awakened, no one to be enlightened. When "One" is found then by definition there is no other, especially no you. No seeker.

A method to finding now is to look out from your solar plexus or heart. Don't use eyes or ears as they are filtered by the mini mind that is trained and has the nature to form time and analyse. It does this as it is too weak to comprehend the "Now", the "One" so it splits, measures, analyses and gets lost in its own fallacies.

"The eyes do not look, they absorb. The mind is responsible for looking; its failure here is the splitting of one of the sensory inputs into values, good and bad. These only exist due to the mind itself – here is the illusion." (source: me)

instead ...

"Your empty mind,
is your full life;
The impenetrable solid reality,
is the ungraspable mind." (source: me)

Our mind is useless, our language contaminated with rules that split the mind. Drop it all and then you are left with "Aaaaaaaa!" Here Now! it was there all along, Bliss!

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C. Om said...

I can relate. ;)

Doug McMillan said...

Sometimes when I read your material I feel as if I'm reading my own work Tao . .
. . as you know, we see I to I; which could make for a boring comment! It's just that we have realised the same truth-Reality-Integrity and it is refreshing to meet another who speaks, and therefore understands, the language of this state of being.

Looking forward to a daily cup of Tao with you from December :-)