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Over on I was playing with a point made there that "you do not enlighten but realize enlightenment" I replied with my customary "there is not a You to awaken, and enlightenment is precisely that loss of I".

But then, well, its all in this silly language we have and the silly way we comprehend. "creativity is not doing anything smart but just realizing a good mistake". Being dyslexic I have come to many good points by misinterpreting the actual point being made.

So, of course, in a way, enlightenment is realized. (my only argument being that it is not realized by little ego I). It is a realization where all the weight of the world is lifted so high off your shoulders that, like when you take off a heavy bag, you feel like floating. You dance a little and smile, and its funny.

In that way, I hope it becomes apparent the more I blog, enlightenment is not something that people must must work hard for, no sitting for 20hours and standing on your head in full lotus while sipping the dew of a green tea bag - it is right there as they say, but behind all the crap you are holding in its face. No meditating to achieve*, no following other people - just one by one drop your bags, take down your defences, lose the idea of ideas, drop all the insight.
*(meditation may be done and likely be done often by an awakened person, but it is not a means to achieve.)

People will of course turn to others for methods and for support, but hopefully that is just their way to soften the blow as the old notions are cast aside and seen to be illusion. When the mask is coming off one may look for justification elsewhere, but in the end it all has to go.

Do not fear, when it has all gone, there is only bliss. You didn't need a thing and you won't forget your name or house keys. When the mind is fully open then you will be brighter, all the ideas of old look silly compared to the no-idea infinite being.

Drop it, reason it away, don't do stuff, quit stuff, don't do anything, it is all being done, look, listen, touch. Touch your own fingertips and be here in the dance of infinite now.

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