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Watching Tao Dance

Two meditators faced each other and after periods of silence, occasionally spoke.

I see the happening that you call eyes are slightly open and occasionally flutter.

I see the happening that you call breath occasionally deepening and occasionally fading.

I see the happening that you call neck occasionally rolling under the weight of the head.

I see occasional movements at the waste and in the legs as you make for comfort.

It all seems to be happening, one big happening, all by itself. I can only note parts, parts I make with my mind.

I see the happening too, here it is, just presenting itself. Parts are fleeting ideas taken from the unbroken one dancing, the uni verse.

I see thoughts stirring you up.

I feel them, I'm relaxing now.

I see you attempting to relax.

[a long silence]

There for a while there was complete relaxation.

Still a movement though, the dance never stops!

Were I this relaxed at work I'd be as out of touch with Tao as a shark in a bath. And were I as crazy as I need to be at work when I dine with my wife then I'd soon be single.

Yes each move is the expression of Tao, the right one in each moment.

I see you still now but I know your heart is pumping, your lungs rising, your energy pulsing.

This is Tao, just as a savage dog fight is too.

May we remember that no matter our so called actions, it is only ever an appearance, a little abstracted happening, in the never ending dance of one.

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