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Arcs over dimensions

Arcs over dimensions. (Oh my Buddha he's talking that physics stuff again!)

Have you ever squinted your eyes at night and seen tiny arcs of light around a bright light source? You may have seen the phenomenon if you saw a bright light in the rain at night, or if you've hallucinated at all, even if that be due to tiredness or illness.

You're aware of the arcs that magnetism follows on a magnet and may have seen visual representations of the magnetic flux over the earth, the one that birds and dolphins align themselves with to navigate. Even insects of various varieties have been seen to align their dwellings with such lines. We don't see them.

We should not be too mystified by extra dimensions but take this example. A 2D scientist has witnessed a point, then later another point. He measures what happens in between and there is this mysterious 'slight absence of light' path along his 2D world that joins his two points. He will spend his life mystified as to how the point "thing" moved A to B leaving this strange trace but there was no physical presence of the object as it travelled. In 3D we see what happened. A ball was placed on the ground and kicked A to B and only the shadow seemed to move in 2D, the ball itself travelled "Extra-Dimensionally". That scientist may drive himself wild in the search for something he can't conceptualize.

Currently, in fact for the last 45 years if you're Stephen Hawkins, the big question has been of gravity. How does it appear so weak compared to a small magnet that can overcome gravity's power so easily and then so much weaker again to the bond between atoms and again to the one between nuclei? If light is not travelling in our dimensions and as far as it is concerned it never leaves point A, it simply arcs A to A via nowhere, and magnetic flux does not go North to South but arc around the magnet or planet then can't we see that gravity is arcing too?

For light to arc but be seen by all observers then this explains how light "particles" seem so small as the large energy in a photon E .... bla bla Einstein. So too gravity must arc around huge bodies in space and its effects be wide felt, so it would seem weak in our 3D measurements. The "Strong Nuclear Force" seems strong in our 3D world (holding both you and your laptop together, and the floor too) as the energy within a tiny atom only has to arc near zero distance.

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