For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.

Dogen, Chuang Tzu and Confucius entered a bar.

The bar tender asked them what they would like to drink and Confucius thought for a second as he was not sure he should drink. During these seconds of thought Dogen struck Confucius on the upper right arm with a stick and shouted "Your thoughts take out of line with Tao, wake up!". Chuang Tzu laughed and sipped on a glass of wine.

Dogan laughed at Chuang Tzu and wondered how he had a drink already and why he had not offered one to the others. Chuang Tzu explained that he was a regular in this bar and so the drink was placed in front of him almost before he took a seat most evenings. After getting more drinks for the three of them they moved to a table near a window, it was still light outside and there were activities to entertain them in the cold street.

Confucius noted some old people who appeared to be in love walking one way and in the opposite direction some local youths seemingly up to no good. He began to state how society would deteriorate if the youth did not take wisdom as their guide. Chuang Tzu laughed again and slid back in his seat. Dogan leaned over the table to the relaxed Chuang Tzu and said "Look here old boy. You're getting drunk too quickly, don't you see that your drink dulls your senses from the pure being within?". Chuang burped, stood up, turned towards the bar (and within the motion farted), then strode over to buy another round. When he got to the bar he asked for a large jug of wine. Heading back to the table he thumped the vessel down so that it splashed.

Dogan was sitting very still, his first drink was still barely touched and he appeared peaceful. Confucius appeared in deep thought still watching passers by. Chaung asked Dogan "Have you ever entered the forest at night and seen a tree which deserved a good spanking for not being right in the way it stood?", he turned to Confucius, "Have you even seen a group of rats around the rubbish cart and questioned their organization?". He poured his glass until it was brim full, swigged it back and settled in his seat awaiting answers.

Dogan was quick to reply and said "No twig is out of place in the forest and no bird song is wrong". Confucius was in deep thought, partly over what he had been asked but also still over the people he saw going by outside in the street. Chuang Tzu turned to Dogan "Quite" he said "No leaf out of place. Can we question man and say that one of them is out of line with Tao?". Dogan looked at Confucius and then back at Chuang "No, it seems no matter what we do, that is natures expression. We can feel sorry for some folk though." As both men smiled they looked back at Confucius.

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