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Chocolate Tzu

I was mulling over String Theory whilst eating some chocolate cake when I accidentally awoke to the enlightenment all around me. Nothing matters as nothing is matter. Everything matters as all Everything does is materialize.

I did spend probably slightly too much of last week thinking about New Physics as I came across so many great thinkers who set my mind rolling on possibilities of finding this one thing, this one indivisible that all came from - then I saw, as I chewed on my cake, that absolutely every single one of theses theories, bar none, were that particular scientists new religion. Each one of them, realizing it or not, even if speaking out against religion as they spoke, was pedaling a new god and a new path to realigning with that.

"This is beyond great!" I realized, this marks all off these grand theories as bunk and I need not waste another moments thought on any one of them aside from to say "no thanks!".

All these (very intelligent and very interesting) people were doing in their own way was speaking of what they believed to be, and could nearly but not quite prove, their own cause, or root, to our being. God. Religion. Did they miss this? They were denying religion then forming their own.

As I am quite firmly against religion, religiously against religion, you may say, I was happy to see that the extremely captivating arena of physics was just another set of systems and dogmas to be cast aside on the path of freedom, self authorship and simple happiness.

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