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Your challenge if you believe in cause and effect

We only speak in cause and effect because those who made our language believed in cause and effect, and so the subject does the object in all sentences.

The above sentence speaks of cause and effect, due to structure of the syntax ("..due to those who made the language we now do this..") - while in meaning it discounts cause and effect! Haa haa.

Yet there is no cause and effect as if you counted back to infinity, you'd need a beginning, an initial cause that all this is the effect of. Yet there is no start to infinity and there is no such structure or mechanic.

What is the cause of the cause, of the initial cause?? An infinitely looping question that proves infinity and disproves initial cause. Only the questioner may start or end it. The aware one who has the question and satisfies itself with either false ideas or acceptance of the impossibility of an answer.

So if you are one who insists in cause and effect then you may take the following challenge:

Tell me where it all began. And where that start came from.

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