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All is change vs stillness

There is an interesting paradox raised by the two notions of change and stillness that emerge from Vedanta, Taoism and Buddhism. All three of these philosophies tell you that 1) All is change and the change is the flow, and you're that. 2) That perfection is the stillness, center of the wheel, balance.

Change and stillness are really yet another dualistic interdependent pair so settling with one or the other is incomplete. You can only see all change from the standpoint of complete stillness. You can only infer complete stillness from the notion that all else is change.

If you imagine that there is just this Tao, undivided, seeming to change, then that is one thing changing and not something changing relative to another. Within this one ever changing non-thing [Tao] is this notion of you. If you say you are the change then you split this undivided whole. If you say you are stillness then likewise you split the whole.

Interestingly though if you are perfectly in-tune with the flow, then that is stillness! You're not flowing against, or still in relation to, you're right with it - so the paradox resolves and dissolves.

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