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So why are you here?

At an office party, all that small chat:

"so why are you here?"

"Well, I'm a customer..

"I know the boss..

"the family..

"I do the accounts..

"I used to work here but...

"There was a time that me and her used to be partners and now..

"I've been here since it was called...

~Now go back, to the event that preceded that event, and before and before, ...

You'll find they are all here because the universe had a beginning!

A what?

Cause and effect so ingrained in the modern psyche that people will give you one localized reason for being here that is built off a previous event that given all of our histories... we are all here because our parents mated within a certain time frame and back far enough we are all here because of the big bang.


What modern day nonsense superstition this is!

No one understood when I said

"I'm here because I Am

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