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What's the dark matter?

The gravity model of space was built upon and investigated so much that they reached an "Oh Oo" moment where the gravity theory, one accepted as as real as can be, was suddenly massively flawed. "Ok" they thought we will get some super brains and super computers on the job and they came up with Dark Matter and Dark Energy. "Feweee" the gravity model was saved!

[Galaxies would simply slip apart and slow down if they did not add this dark theory onto the ailing gravity model]

But they can't find dark energy or dark matter in over 10 years of trying, they can only infer it. Infer that it exists because without it the gravity model fails - and we can't have that!

Gravity interacts over very small distances and is not too strong. Note how you can pick up your tea cup - see? You overcame gravity quite easily. On larger scales, such as a vast sun, big planets and so on then the weak gravity is bolstered up a bit and bodies can float around one another in the frictionless space. Oh Newton you made it all sound so easy :)

What the scientist really don't want is to ditch the gravity model and they will produce vast mathematical reasons why it must be real "it must be!" - They would hate to drop the theory as then all things, from the distance to the sun, the size of everything from planets, to systems, to stars in the night sky would all need recalculating - none of the ideas we have would be true any more - alph bla bla may not be that big or that far away, made of that, this big etc.. - scary for scientists - a nice blissful "ahhh" from those who see this all as our projection anyway. You see we apply qualities to the world, life and the universe from our minds and measuring this is farcical.

The strongest theories outside of the standard gravity model (held by all mainstream scientists) is that of the Electric Universe - The idea that the universe can be mapped out as interactions of electric plasmas is wonderful indeed - it says that the universe is like a giant mind and it proves all we see in space - it gets things right that the gravity model can't, it can predict correct outcomes of events that the gravity model needs addenda to account for. When NASA decided to blast a commet to see what it was made of the Electric Universe guys sniggered and told them. After the event NASA was dumfounded and wrote addendum to theories and gave lengthy explanations of odd results - The Electric Universe guys just sat back and allowed their predictions to stand - as they were spot on.

All you were told about science, physics and space is based on the gravity model and that is flawed to failure. Time to re-explore.

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Rizal Affif - The Soul Sanctuary said...

The same goes for Biology--even all hard-science.

Interesting that scientists wanted to discover what's so called truth, but not ready to throw away what is false, because all discoveries up 'til now were build upon the sand...

I'm glad I've left the seat of science, and now take the role as life-observer--hey, it's much more fascinating to see what is rather than wondering why the existing frame of works fail :p