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Someone lent me the Confucius book and in there it says how hard it is to define "Hsin".

I think it is this:

You trust a man to close and bolt the door each night at 10pm.

One night an old woman is approaching the door and if the door is closed she will be left in the cold. So the door is kept open until one minute past.

This means that Hsin is: To be trustworthy but not to the point that the rule in case or the person who is Hsin can be manipulated for bad. Further that: The person is trustworthy but not so strict to the rule of trust that they lose their sense of benevolence.

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Fay's Too said...

Yeah, it's sort of like common sense, eh?

Ta Wan said...

Yep, so not so hard to define. The book took a page or so of small text to make the point :D