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9/11 10 years on

It is not 10 years yet but nearly 9. Next year will mark this major anniversary of what must have been the biggest event of modern times, if not all times: September 11th 2001.

Some humans, for some gain, brought about an act of complete terror. In all likelihood, and I am yet to see how this can be denied, there was high level involvement in this act that lead to mass confusion, prior to the event, as it unfolded, after, long after and still now.

Why no military jets were scrambled, why the only 3 steel structured skyscrapers ever that have fallen to fire all fell on one day and why one of them was untouched and still fell (Building 7), why the mayor knew ahead of time that the towers would fall - how he knew (and there is a recording of him, prior to the falls saying he knew they would fall), why he left rescuers in there knowing this, why the BBC and CNN reported building 7 falling over 10 minutes before it fell (the building was in shot, on camera, fully upright when it was reported as collapsed and it collapsed after the announcement), why the owner of the complex said on the day, on camera, that he called for building 7 to be demolished, denied it ever since, how the planes and large parts of the steel structured building turned to dust but a passport of a hijacker landed on the street intact, how the buildings fell at near free-fall speed down through the path of most resistance, into their footprints, aka controlled demolition, unexplained explosions before, during and after, tons of steel turned to white dust when only thermite can cause this, superheated molten metal in the site for days after the event....

None of these details mesh with the official story that amongst other omissions mentions building 7 a total zero times.

This event still fascinates people and I mention it here for as little reason as that a natural curiosity has lead my wife to begin researching this event and asking me questions I can not answer.

"Why do none of these facts add up?."

It is sad to say that as the sea tries new creative ideas such as tsunami so too the human race tries new creative ideas such as mass manipulation of its own kind for gain. The universe is an infinitely creative being that manifests as infinitely wonderful and infinitely awful things - and this perspective, one way or the other, is good or bad only because of us. In a way we are the judge of God and not he of us. Now I don't believe in God one bit but I twist this Christian idea as it fits people's minds, our language and logic - Infinity (that is God here) is a magic show, and we (as separate spectators) are the audience. We are in the show and watching it, we judge it, not it us.

So we resolve to two positions - One we share as humans: That this is a terrible and incredibly difficult event to explain. The other that this is infinity demonstrating itself, so nothing we should worry about.

This perhaps draws us to the crux of philosophy. Where do we sit here?

1) All "Enlightened" sages, sadhus, gurus, hermits, muppets, men at pulpits, enigmas, and mushroom trippers will tell you that the universe is this one, this god, this fractal, this infinity, this thusness, and it is just the way it is - the mind is the problem.

2) All humans will say that acts such as 9/11 are awful.

By the above we may see that humans have minds and so the two positions mentioned do resolve to one answer - the issue, the cause of these events and the feeling of the outcome are matters of mind. Media manipulation (deliberate or not, caused, engineered or not) does demonstrate the power of altering perspective. Did a group of powerful people orchestrate this event to remove the powerful Bush family from office? Was the Bush family in on it for alternate gain? Was it a secret service operation for another gain? Was it 3 simultaneous engineering and architecture hiccups that lead to all the confusion? Was is .... ?

We don't know: Media manipulated the events, accidentally, deliberately or not, engineered or not, but the result was a world in confusion. The event did happen, it was universally seen as terrible but our man sitting in lotus position says it does not matter, it is in the mind.

As humans, as Confucius, as Buddha, as Lau Tzu we stand and say "What the fuck are you doing can you please just sit down and share a pot of tea?" and as the universe we form a new virus that lives off eyeballs.

Ha Ha, the universe is this display of creativity. It can be bloody awful and (most of the time) it is quite amazing. As a group of people somewhere in the world starve another group share a banquet and waste food. As one dolphin gets caught in a net and dies an excruciating death so another surfs a wave to paradise.

What the highest tellers of truth say is that it is not the show that we should pay attention to (which is naturally polar) but the awareness we have of anything that should be key. This root element to all events, awareness, is untouched by polarity as it is the sole immovable ground to all.

So the show is there if you want to watch it but the key to happiness is to see awareness itself as unchanging truth and the rest as a transient dance.

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The Rambling Taoist said...

When it is said, "All is how it should be," I take this to mean that the internal nature of all things in the one are how they should be. If we humans did not exist, the world would be in perfect balance.

It is precisely because our species is the one and only that turns away from our internal nature that the world is not in balance. When a child starves, a woman is raped, a society is oppressed or a nation is blown apart, this is NOT how things should be.

Rizal Affif - The Soul Sanctuary said...

Ah, interesting facts you added up here, Tawan.

You said that (almost) all humans will say that acts such as 9/11 (or, how Israel is slaughtering Palestinian children) are awful. Well, I am taking the role as one of those humans now--while at the same time, maintaining the awareness that "awful" or "wonderful" exists only in the mind; even such interpretation can only possible through the perspective of a human (when I am a particle of dust there, then such happening would not matter at all).

But expressing such "isness" to people about the things we all interpret as tragedy, may evoke anger from most people. Once I talked this way about Israel-Palestinian conflict on an occasion and most of my friends--who, like most Indonesians do, are highly pro-Palestinian--are outrageous (They are even outrageous with the idea that peace cannot be attained by destroying a party or another--to them, Israel MUST be destroyed).

Even after I used "God" as a familiar concept to them, they are still outrageous. They approved that God is Omniscient, so everything happening is under His Might & His Plan; yet they kept saying that it should not be how it is. No matter how religious they label themselves, they seemed to distrust God.

And now I realized I've been rambling too much here.

Nice to have a friend whose perspective sees everything as transient dance, as I do :)

Ta Wan said...

I think the two answers above demonstrate the crux of philosophy.

We are lead to say that humans are wrong and this must be fixed - "Philosophies A"

Or that this is the way things are, adjust your perspective to it and get on - "Philosophies B"

"Philosophies A" confirm original sin, right and wrong and leads to man attempting to define order to infinity.

"Philosophies B" bring men to sit in peace and simply wait for the rest to follow their lead.

The divide at this point is not strict, people straddle it well but it is a key question - Is this ours to fix or get on with?


If all humans were wonderful creatures then the problems would not exist - true. But have we ever been that way? Is the universe that way? Nature beings life and disaster.

This is not "how things should be" (as judged by a good man) but how things are.

Eric Dubay said...

Great article. For anyone interested, I have a big archive of 9/11 info, videos, books, documents etc. here

Brandon said...

I don't think we're out of balance, as the Rambling Taoist says. What does it mean to say "this is not how it should be"? It is what it is, there is no "should." There is no way to be out of balance with the Tao, except in one's mind, where we fight it. As far as the universe is concerned, all is even.

It's at the human level where these things are terrible. This being the level that we live at, it's natural to call 9-11 awful. Of course, the clear-seeing one would say that the criminals who did it (the terrorists, the government, whatever) are suffering themselves, in their mind. Perhaps your Group 1 of sages and mushroom heads are right, the root problem is in the mind. Only a sick, suffering mind would think pulling a 9-11 is a good idea, right?

Also, I'm not sure that the sages are anything but compassionate. Sure, there is recognition that "what is, is" but that doesn't mean they don't care about the pain. I cite the Boddhisatvas as an example.