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Wearable technology - welcome the new Luddite

Soon everyone with normal clothes will be termed a Luddite hehe, well we will wear that label with pride I think

The idea of wearable technology has been bubbling away for years and it is now ever closer. The idea of having your technology and disposable fashion intertwined is a marketing wet dream as the fashion victims will be trapped for a lifetime into the mill.

With technology on display in the same way as fashionable labels and items of clothing then suddenly your phone, music player or so on become all the more important. You have a crap phone now and you hide it in your pocket. Yet if you have a crap phone built into your jacket then all of your fashion victim peers will spot you a mile off.

Tied into this are the fact/problems that the same desire that causes someone to buy into this ego-dressup is the same desire that leads to someone mugging, robbing or murdering someone for this very attire. This desirability that leads to street muggings is also great for marketing as if your product is so desirable that someone is killed for it then you get front page free advertising for nothing in the headlines.

I comment on this only as I caught a glimpse of a headline over someones shoulder as they read the free paper on the train and what the article actually said I do not know. These were my thoughts on the matter. Safe to say I'll be with the Luddites with my jeans and t-shirt and not buying into this game.

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The Rambling Taoist said...

I think I'm very safe on this account. I can never remember a time when urban youth or street hustlers have pointed at me to say, "Oh man, what a cool, dude! I just gotta get my hands on his hickory-striped bib overalls!" :-D

Ta Wan said...


I had a moment yesterday coming off the train where it felt like my phone had been lifted from my pocket - My first thought was how terribly disappointed the thief would have been.