For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.

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Maharishi was a fully realized individual who still asked people at his ashram to go easy on the trees. 'Don't over-pick, let them have their life too as they provide us food.'

It is always important to see who is talking. Maharishi speaking from the enlightened self would have no need to say this, or say anything at all - but in his role as guide he did say, as a human, and as a part of nature - 'hey, go easy'.

As stated in my post "I't's free but I'll give it to you for your soul" - a good Taoist would respect nature; this is them acting as a good balanced and rounded person, one who knows nature as our lifeblood. They may also say 'well, hey, this is the way' and watch as people carve the place up only to perish later.

My wife only recently commented how back home in Thailand it is near 40C all the time. People cut up the forests and use air conditioning all the time with no thought - obviously here the balance of nature is upset. OK in one way it will come right, nature will win back and men will fall for their errors, and in another way you can educate the families and people back there to respect nature.

As people we ask for others to act well. As a universe we can watch the show we make. Rather a show based on love.

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