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Book Giveaway

Due to incompetence, clerical errors and the position of the moon, I have needed to make 3 drafts of the Person of Tao book.

The first edition has a few spelling errors and some layout issues. It is also soiled by my mucky fingers. This will be first prize.

The 2nd edition has less spelling errors but I may have made the font too small.

The 3rd edition should be perfect, but of course I wont find the errors until I see it.

I will give away the books to the most worthy people.

Who are you?

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The Rambling Taoist said...

OK. I'll bite.

Ta Wan said...

Good stuff. I have your address already :)

Turn around may not be super quick but will happen.

Ta Wan said...

The other books have been claimed now too. One a guy at work and one a friend.

RT yours should be in the post next week.