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The Te of the Tao

They've beaten me to it numerous times and now Scott Bradley has brought to our attention yet another book uniting science and spirituality. From the excellent Tao of Physics by Frijov Capra to the works of the Dalai Lama there are scientists welcoming spiritualists and spiritualists welcoming scientists. I really feel I have such a book bursting its way out of me too but for anyone who's been subjected to much of my ramblings you'll know I'm not a great writer.

For one thing real science needs real explanations so it may well be best left to science to explain itself. Often to convey a point about science as you attempt to tack a path speaking of a wider subject matter you are forced to miss many details. Scientists accuse you of dumbing down the subject or worse of pseudo science. If you go as deep as science requires then you miss your goal of a broader enquiry.
Still one very key point remains for all such discussions. What makes a photon wiggle?

You see science would love us to believe, and says it proves, that there was nothing and it gained complexity and here we are. Consciousness is a result of originally dead and inanimate space dust which configured itself.

Now let me make this clear. I am no creationist! The idea that something chose or designed all of this is certainly no help. It makes the answer more complex and less rewarding and I just can't accept it one bit. Where then do I sit?

Back in the beginning of science there was this nothing, but it had a life an energy, it wiggled. If you say that reality is in the mind and the mind wiggled then you need a mind to come first. Not much use. - This wiggling universe with no one in it. Isn't this wiggle both what scientists say is fact and what they attempt to convince those of a mystical bent does not exist? Isn't the wiggle the Te of the Tao?

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