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Did you know you're going the speed of light?

You can't feel it as one does not feel speed they feel acceleration but you are going nearly the speed of light.

Oddly, and the reason I raise this point, is that you're going the speed of light along a rather unexpected dimension, that of time.

Light is going the speed of light in the spatial dimensions so is not going through time at all. Even a photon born at the beginning of the universe has not aged one bit in all of that time. It never moved in time, only in space.

You, you big heavy lump (compared to a photon, sorry no offence meant) and all of that around you that feels solid are not moving in space very much and so as something's total speed must be the speed of light you traverse time. So, all that is around you, the floor supporting you, all that you know to be empty (as science has informed you) seems solid as it is traveling at your pace.

Increase your speed through space significantly and you'll go though time less quickly.

So what of the relationship between this and Tao?

The enjoyment of ceaseless wonder.

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Jesse Doggett said...

Ah, but you don't feel acceleration either. Just as you don't feel speed because your whole body is moving uniformly, you won't feel acceleration if your whole body is being uniformly accelerated. This is essentially Einstein's Equivalence Principle a fundamental point of general relativity. Free falling to Earth accelerating at 32 ft/ft/sec feels the same as if your free floating in space. So, even acceleration is relative. There is nothing absolute in the universe. More in the enjoyment of ceaseless wonder of Tao.

Ta-Wan said...

did I misunderstand you? are you saying that you don't feel gravity?

Jesse Doggett said...

Yes, If I am free falling, I do not feel gravity since the acceleration is uniform on my while body. I would feel no difference from free floating in space.