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Beyond the level of constituent parts we see the properties of the whole. We don't look at a rock and see the qualities of its weightless constituents, we see the overall hardness, weight and texture of the macro rock. At the constituent level there is no idea of gravity but at the macro there is very much such an appearance. When we look at a person we don't look at atoms, compounds, proteins even, we look at the overall collection, the body. When we ride a train and expect in our minds that the way ahead is smooth then our body sways at the unforeseen effect of the curves and undulations in the track. These so called forces that sway us are not there for the atoms but on our scale they are there.

We can see (and it is very very apparent if you study the science of it) that where parts do not have qualities the bodies they make up do have qualities that emerge on that larger scale. We may see clearly that none of our own constituent parts have ideas of happiness or sadness and that these ideas come about only at the level we exist on. (that is idea1)

The universe is purely deterministic if viewed from the level of 3 spatial dimensions and time. There are parts of the universe which do not seem deterministic at all, for example at the quantum level where things appear in and out of existence. Our level of the universe is made from these smaller and apparently in-deterministic constituents and so people have worked hard to find how this may be. To save the lengthy discussion of how I'll simply put forward the conclusion that they have found that when viewed from their own set of dimensions and space there is perfectly normal determinism at play. Then we may see there is only a deterministic universe and no unknowns.

Given that the universe is purely deterministic then you have no choice but to accept that you don't do you. (that is idea2)

Both of the above ideas have very strong scientifically testable truth and so:

Idea1) At the small scale constituent level there is no happy or sad. These ideas come about at the macro level of the complete human being.
Idea2) An underlying world of determinism brings each and every person to be doing what they are doing and being where they are being at any time.

The world and your place and actions in it are entirely determined but on the gross level of the human a certain quality emerges that does not exist elsewhere. A kind of inner monologue that chases the event tries to decide if it likes what is going on or not. This voice though does not have any say on the world as the world is produced from parts, purely deterministic, that do not have this meta quality of seeing the events or the thoughts just after they happen and categorizing them.

A happy person is said to be one who is in a situation that their inner voice is content with that which is seen to going on around them - as at this time there is no conflict between what is happening and what "ought" to be happening.

So then is your inner voice determined too like the rest of the universe or can you move to alter to a way where you are always content no matter what the determined world offers you.

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