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Einstein's Intuition

I was always interested in science and physics was my second favourite class at school. My dyslexia was discovered too late to be remedied and I was pushed by the condition away from maths (so also physics) and into design. Still my interest in physics remained.

I did not read much at all and the first time I really read a book I was 28 years old. I enjoyed this book and it lead me to read more. A late night conversation with a friend lead him to recommend The Tao of Physics to me as he said it would suit the way my mind worked. While the book was intended to educate spiritual people in science it had a reverse effect on me, it opened me up to Eastern Philosophy.

After a near 10 year love affair with Eastern Philosophy I found my interest being drawn back to physics and modern cosmology and just lately after becoming a bit of a YouTube science junky I hit across a new line of thought. That's a little wrong. I hit across many many new and wonderful lines of thought but one in particular resonated deeply with me.

In reading this latest book I've in the past week been enlightened more than in any equivalent week where I studied Eastern Philosophy. I've been educated, refreshed and awakened. The book has rekindled my love of the scientific method, encouraged me to stir small stagnating pools of my mind and return life to them. Where I had taken on ideas that didn't feel quite right in recent years but were the best I or others could offer I've now got genuine answers and where I had my own funny little theories here and there I now have a complete framework.

For anyone who thinks of themselves as scientifically inclined then I'd passionately recommend this book. The book though is not yet available and I've only been fortunate enough to read it as I expressed my interest to the author and so was sent an early draught copy.   

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