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I'm the Universe, aged 1

Around 2 years after my mother gave birth, I was born. I had been referred to as an individual with a name for all of the time previous to this but only around that age had my brain learned that I existed. Yes, I learned that I existed. Self consciousness came about some considerable time after the body had already managed incredible feats such as development, respiration, circulation and sense formation. Not only did I have fully working vision and more but I had eaten meals and been the star of many photographs before I even had a self. So now here I was, a separate individual. Not because an individual had been born but because some time after a birth, a brain learned that it was an individual.

So a universe bubbles away for infinity and within that these forms come about who, with a little time, learn that they are some one.

But for the learning in our earliest years, we're the universe. 

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