For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.

At peace

There you are at peace.

Then a thought.

Peace disturbed.

So another thought.

"Perhaps if I do this, I'll find peace."

Then actions.

More thoughts.

Actions and thoughts and plans aimed at peace in the future.

Yet peace is where you began.

When the thought had not entered.

Let thoughts go. No actions required. No plans.

Peace is always here.

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Sebastian Clouth said...


I'm the editor for the Watercooler section on Before It's News, and I came across your website. 

We'd love to republish your RSS feed on our site, with a link back to your website. You'd benefit from having some of our millions of readers see your posts and go through to your blog.

Let me know if this sounds like something you're interested in!

Best regards,
Sebastian Clouth

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi, I can clearly see that "your" words are all true(false). Its strange you dont have more comments on your posts. Maybe people arent interessted in the real deal. :-) I saw a comment you left in another blog, about attaining enlightenment, or acchieving or whatever.
I would go as far as to say that there is no enlightenment, its just another concept. Whilest I understand what you are talking about, most people dont. I say this with some certainty, because as far as I "know-see" there is no answers or questions. Just belief being resolved, and once resolved one can experience that there was never a question. Do you agree?
So, to approve of an answer, the questioner must experience the answer within, and since there is only one truth/lie there is only one illusion to be seen through, so the questioner loose his ego in order to get the point that comes from seeing what is (or is not).
I dont find an emailadress to you here, and I rather dont put mine on the internet. But it would probably be fun to talk about stuff.
"My" ego ran away quite recently so I´m not yet quite used to everything being just perfect. Sometimes the word "future" arise, and sometimes the word "money", but its not a problem of course, as you very well know. No mind here :-)
Please provide an email adress so I can get in touch with you. Would probably be fun.

Anonymous said...

This comment is meant for your post "I need faith" but that one was locked from commenting on so...

Hi again, so many nice posts here. :-)
Well, "you" are not fooling yourself, but its quite sain to question a perspective that is rather unique for mankind and which ultimately sent the message to every ego in the world that they are a delusional illusion.
I think a total belife in the ego would be the same as "enlightenment" if total belief in something restricted by space and time would be possible. Every need in the identity being constantly provided, wouldnt that make every need go away? So consequently, maybe one could argue that total enlightenment is the same as total identification, and since nothing can be total, without loosing the very possibility to be defined, then the other end of every concept has to meet the opposite end in some way. The paradox our mind can never grasp. The paradox of existence.
What do you say?
I´ll probably set up an account here, I write all the time as well. Ok. /J

ac said...

SO TRUE!!!! Thank you for the reminder.