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Daily Cup of Tao is now a full cup

The Daily Cup of Tao blog is complete. I have written and posted all of the 365(ish) posts and they will all come one by one, daily, until 30 Nov 2010. That will mark one year of mini posts from that blog.

This leaves me back here so in all likelihood new posts I think of will be posted here on Tao Wow and the daily mini posts will keep appearing over on Daily Cup of Tao all by themselves.

Now, some of you will have noticed that the blog there often has a lack in quality but each post meant something when I wrote it so I will refrain from editing them and just let them run their course.

For now thanks for keeping up with the daily posts and hopefully there will be something enlightening between now and November 2010.

Tao Wow | Daily Cup of Tao

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