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Compass points to Wow

I have a post due later in the year on Daily Cup of Tao about the way of seeing and a compass.

Compasses point North and so we see one way. At some point in my life my compass pointed South and I saw the world from a completely new perspective. I realized that while this new perspective was quite mind blowing (it doubled the size of my known universe) I could not live without North and so I took to balancing my compass to a perpendicular direction (East to West) and then to always appreciate life in these two perspectives: Worldly North and Spiritual South.

The way was to jump from "I-me-in-the-world" to "I-the universe and that old me as an expression of it".

Where I can see Ice melt and say 'ok, ice is made of water' and I can flick the rim of a wine glass, hear the "~tiiiing~" and say 'Matter is made of sound'.

In the past I'd have raised my eyebrows at such a comment as "matter being made of sound" and now I raise one and smirk knowingly with the other side of my face that it is more true than false.


I'm a Wowist monk. I am a Buddhist in that Buddha is in me not a dead man. I'm a Taoist in that I find balance and wonder in life. I'm a Vedantist in the way I see the infinite as one, indivisible. I'm married, used to take drugs, still like a very occasional beer, am vegetarian but for selfish reasons - I feel more healthy this way, I do a job, I don't own a TV, I don't follow the news, I meditate, I find wonder in every moment and if everyone was like me the world would be very peaceful indeed. Thankfully everyone is not like me, so life is all the more fascinating. And that is why the infinite incarnates in so many interesting ways - for love of the show.

Maybe you are a Wowist too?


Thanks to the Rambling Taoist for writing a post on me today, and for the generous donation of The Book of Wen Tzu. Very kind indeed. Thanks.

*Bows, farts and glasses fall off*

Ta-Wan (Mr-Glasses)

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The Rambling Taoist said...

I don't think that I'm a Wowist. No, I'm closer to a &%#by*&!

Ta Wan said...

A &%#by*&!ist?

Is this similar to a Homer Simpson Dohist?

The Rambling Taoist said...

I wouldn't know. Believe it or not, I've never watched The Simpsons.

C. Om said...

I might be a Wowist. I see an element of truth in every faith. I share many other similarities with you as well. I can definitely appreciate the compass metaphor because the balance between worldly and spiritual make life the sweetest thing ever!

Rizal Affif - The Soul Sanctuary said...

I do not even know what a Wowist is. What I am what I am; adding some identity label makes "I" gets even heavier :D

I love that list that depicts you. Maybe you need to add one more thing: "I blog", hehehehehehe :D