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Wei Wu Wei Lost in Dimensions

This is a snippet from The Cube-root of Zero where the author Wei Wu Wei is explaining why nothing comes of exploration..

"[On volume A to B and so on] ...But all are measurements from A, and A is the centre from which all measurements are made. And what is A? A is the measurer, A is what measures, A is the centre of the universe, A is what we suppose ourselves to be, whoever we are and wherever we are. And since it is A who is now measuring, A is trying to measure itself. That is why there is nothing to be found."

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Leon Basin said...

Are you into Zen? Or Buddhism? If so, why and if not, why?

Tao said...

There is no use or point in labeling yourself is there? Ha HA :D

liz said...

as you said before "Tao Wow"

Leon Basin said...

True! Hey, when can we catch up? I need to speak to you!:) I have started being TAO and just being free. But I would love to speak to you a little about it. When are you free to chat? If you cannot get on AIM/MSN may I have your email? I can send you my thoughts and such and we speak that way?:)