For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.

Harmonious tapestry

Reality in time is a flamboyant exploration of an eternal timeless moment.

It could be seen in one but is wiggled out by a trillion I that each follow a unique path.

You believe "I am unawakened" because you believe in "I".

This I is just seeing what it is like to be this I. The only way to know each unique perspective is to live it out. To see any one I as better or worse is to fall in love with a flower so much that you chop of its ugly root to save it.

You think you have a choice, a say in this or that? It may be fun to pretend you do but to believe you do, you will suffer.

As screaming left right or stop on a roller-coaster is ineffective on the speed and destination.

Behind every thing is the true canvas of reality, behind every act it is ever present. A tapestry telling a tale is a thread. A screen showing the movie is still glass. A ripple on a lake will pass.

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Anonymous said...

Let us all learn to relax and enjoy the ride. All points of view originate and end in the same place.

But I suppose the infinite also wants to know how to suffer and so takes on the costume of suffering. And the infinite wants to know how to wiggle out of suffering and into spaciousness. Everything is indeed what it is.

There are many stiches being sewn into the harmonious tapestry.

Liara Covert said...

Reality is like a transparent curtain. It opens to connect infinite dimensions and perceptions. The participant in your life experiences suffering while observer watches silently. Nothing is happening nowhere now.

Lust With Wings said...

Even people who are unaccustomed to reflection seem to notice that time doesn't behave like convention says it should... we all really do perceive it as one timeless moment, but so many want to believe it is passing in minutes and seconds. Even they notice though... time doesn't seem to behave.