For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.

Zero is infinity

I had some long winded path to a beautiful conclusion but forgetting both leaves me with just this one remanence that emerged mid flow someway towards the early middle.

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Eugene said...

So we achieve 0 point in 2012, singularity. As right now time is speeding up making our daily hours smaller.

Tao said...

Time is not real.

Waiting for 2012 is like waiting for a a horse to arrive by merry go round.

Waiting for 2012 is also like waiting for a Messiah or Saviour.

You wake up now to the realisation that there is only now and all else is bondage.

...or I see you on 2012 for popcorn because all bad turned to good....

The danger of fantasy futures of perfection is that perfection is the birth of imperfection.

brad4d said...

the primary paradox/oxymoron

anne partain said...

I so like your comment about 2012. "A horse to arrive by merry go round" That's so good!

That makes everything and nothing the same. I can see that. When we allow everything, we attach to nothing.


Eugene said...

Check out the Buddha quotes I have posted: