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Having gone; veg, green tea, mediation, and so on for so long I no longer craved any of the things I gave up: then something lead me to have coffee one day.

Wow, what a great drug!

The occasional coffee is a cool tool for focusing and freshening the mind.

This may not be a huge revelation but if you avoid coffee and you have no major reason to avoid it, then why not have a mid-strength coffee before you next settle down to meditate?

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Leon Basin said...

I agree! I drink coffee once in a while. It might be once a week to refresh my battery!:)

Buddha Torrents said...

So if I drink 6 cups a day I'll be a Buddha in no time!! Or amazingly wired!!!

Tao said...

The "Middle" way!! ;-)

Shinzen Nelson said...

I agree, coffee when used medicinally has many benefits...especially when combined with chocolate chip cookies!

Tao said...

Ah nice combination!

Another Shamanic secret leaks out to the public arena :-D

The Rambling Taoist said...

The only coffee I partake of is coffee ice cream or frozen yogurt. The liquid stuff gives me heartburn to no end. Haven't touched the stuff for at least 30 years and, before that, I rarely ever drank it anyway. :)

Rizal Affif said...

Coffee? Nice touch. Really, simply enjoying a cup of coffee could be a blissful spiritual experience, provided we focus ourselves in the moment! Thanks for the simple, yet insightful, post :)