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Life and Death

The reason that death does not exist (is a bit odd to grasp) but neither does life.

Life the big life, the life that has us all as bits, is a life that can never die. The small life, the one we have been brought to believe is ours, has a death. It can die in old age, an accident, or you can kill it early and live on (ego death, enlightenment).

To live on, you identify with the big life, not the small one.

The One, EveryNothing, The Space Between One and Zero, The Ground of All Being, Tao, Brahman, The Fractal are names for the Big Life. That has a trillion heads (you reader, are one) and comes as environment for and experiencer of. It splits from One with no two to Yin-Yang, Perceiver Perceived, Mind Matter and so on - It can't die, it is so above life and death that they are mere parts of it.

So if I identify with my body then I was born and will die. If I identify with The One, then I can't die, I just change. I am born with every birth and die with every death but go on.

So at death, I rejoin the watercycle, like the snowflake feeling so so individual just melts back to the ocean. But as that ocean is infinite possibility of consciousness I can, if I wish return. Obviously in my case death was not perfect as I chose to come back. I'm in love with every moment right now so I think I was right to do so.

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