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Hua Hu Ching

The lesser known Tao work Hua Hu Ching is an absolute must read and a true classic. If you have only found the Tao Te Ching and Chuang Tzu up until now, then check it out.

The Hua Hu Ching was passed on only by word of mouth since being banned and lost in book form. Luckily it has now made it out of China and has been recorded in English for us all. Hua Hu Ching

One example chapter is this ...

Words can never convey the beauty of a tree; to understand it, you must see it with your own eyes. Language cannot capture the melody of a song; to understand it, you must hear it with your own ears. So it is with the Tao: the only way to understand it is to directly experience it. The subtle truth of the universe is unsayable and unthinkable. Therefore the highest teachings are wordless. My own words are not the medicine, but a prescription; not the destination, but a map to help you reach it. When you get there, quiet your mind and close your mouth. Don't analyze the Tao. Strive instead to live it: silently, undividedly, with your whole harmonious being.

and another is this ...

"In ancient times, various holistic sciences were developed by highly evolved beings to enable their own evolution and that of others. These subtle arts were created through the linking of individual minds with the universal mind. They are still taught by traditional teachers to those who display virtue and desire to assist others. The student who seeks our and studies these teachings furthers the evolution of mankind as well as her own spiritual unfolding. The student who ignores them hinders the development of all beings."

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