For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.

Infinite consciousness... And stuff

A fear of death, a sense of self, a feeling of free will are valuable to encouraging an organism to avoid harm, and so live to pass on genes. Evolutionarily this makes completed sense.

All are though stories concocted as ways to make sense of a world produced by the same apparatus as that telling the stories. So then the feelings of; a fear of death, a sense of self and a feeling of free will are stories not reality. 

There is a oneness you see, moving in a way, changing in a way. No description of this is down right true. Perhaps the descriptions and stories are useful (scientific discoveries, genuine wisdom), often they're not (ignorance, superstition).

Am I in the universe or is the universe in my mind?

Is consciousness one in the universe and I am within that or does my brain have consciousness which sees the world?

Does my brain produce consciousness from its biology or does it tap an infinite consciousness like a modem with WiFi?

You could phrase this question many ways.... and whichever version you choose and whichever answer you take, none are right.

The material world is not produced in consciousness. Consciousness does not give rise to a material world.

Devoid of either quality, so called conscious or so called material, is this, nameless. Consciousness and materialness are mere fabrications an 'either or' made from none. A left and right when seen from center.

Questions of 'this or that' arise with relentless frequency in the mind and they have no resolution except Wu! Negation. Negation of even negation. No dual question of this or that has resolution.

When the mind is not telling stories, in stillness, that's it.

And in the end.... The reason these folk do this and those folk do that and we understand a little and we don't... Is that the one is infinite and so must by nature give rise to all possibility, not just the bit you like. 

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