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Uniting forces and dimensions

I was watching a ton of physics lectures and while I love the conceptual side I can not meet the demands of the maths. The following idea that came to me then can have no proof, like anything else it is just and idea but I'll share it:

"When gravity splits from the other forces I feel that this moment would be where 11 dimensions unite into 4. So there are 11 dimensions and there is one force, but as the forces divide and manifest as more so too the dimensions unite. You may visualize the 11 dimensions warping together into a 4 dimensional space-time torus at the moment that gravity becomes manifest as a force separate to the other fundamental forces."

I'd love to have the maths to define this idea as then I'd see it in the language it deserves (and likely see it is invalid :))

Without the maths, all of these ideas are farts in the wind unfortunately. Still I love the lectures.

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